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5 ways to automate your workflows with Saysimple & Zapier

Zapier is the leading tool for automating repetitive tasks within the most common business apps. Best of all, Zapier gives users automation without any coding knowledge! Using triggers and actions, Zapier allows you to connect your most used apps to simplify your workflows. And now also available for Saysimple users to benefit from! Keep reading for 5 ways to automate your work with Saysimple and Zapier.

1. Trigger an action when you receive a new inbound message
Capturing and inputting information from (new) prospects can be tedious. It often requires manually adding information to different apps or systems. When you receive a new inbound message, you can now set up a trigger to perform an action in another system.

You can create a new order in your e-commerce suite, for example, or add a row in a team-wide Google Spreadsheet. You can even trigger a message in a team’s Slack channel to let them know there’s a message awaiting a reply. Not only does this free up your agents’ time, but it also ensures that you’re not keeping customers waiting and/or dropping off from chat conversations.

Added bonus: Your agents will spend less time on administration and more time tending to your valued customers!

2. Automate contact creation in Saysimple
More likely than not, when a prospect or lead fills in a form on your website their information is added to your CRM. With Zapier, you can now trigger an action to add that information to Saysimple.

Having this information ensures that your customer service agents have all the information they need about a prospect or lead if/when they need it. It also ensures that useful WhatsApp campaigns are sent to prospects and leads who come through your website.

3. Send a message based on an action in another system
Another great feature that Zapier enables is sending messages based on an action in another system. For example, many companies create personalised offers based on customer survey results.

Zapier allows you to set up an action that sends out a personalised WhatsApp message based on your customers’ survey results. Doing so saves your team’s time and keeps you relevant and top of mind with customers.

4. Match contacts across your CRM and Saysimple
When using multiple apps or systems, it can get tiring having to toggle through them and your CRM to find the contact information you’re looking for.

Sometimes you might find that your CRM contains a customer’s email address but not their phone number. At the same time, another system, like Saysimple, might contain a mobile phone number but no email address for the same customer.

Now, you can use ‘Find contact’ to sync information between systems. This means that based on a unique identifier (like a client number) you can make sure that both your CRM and Saysimple contact information are always up to date.
Match contacts

5. Have fun with message notifications
Did you know that Zapier also connects to Spotify? This allows for a fun addition to your work day, like playing your favourite song every time you receive a message in Saysimple! It may not be a productive benefit, but it’s just another one of the hundreds of things you can do with Zapier.

Say goodbye to manual actions, switching between systems’ windows, and endless copy-pasting and say hello to automated workflows. Automation has never been as (Say)simple as with Zapier. Learn more about integrating Zapier automation with Saysimple here.


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