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BMN Bouwmaterialen

BMN building materials

Whether it’s hardware or binders, BMN building materials is the place to be as a professional builder. But also when it comes to service, flexible logistics and just-in-time delivery. The company keeps these core values sharp by approaching customers as personally and directly as possible. To do this, you have to keep your ears open and listen carefully to the customer.

The 85 branches of BMN are widely spread across all provinces; you will find a branch in every region. There you can go for quality building materials but also for advice or suitable solutions. Employees do everything they can to take work off your hands so that the customer can move forward in leaps and bounds. And in the turbulent world of the builder, that is a requirement.

The universe of the construction professional consists of processes, from initiative to design, and from realization to application. These are constantly interconnected and require smooth communication so that projects are successful. And when time is scarce and everyone is in a hurry, smooth contact makes a world of difference.

When more and more customers asked about WhatsApp, this service channel came on BMN’s radar. Based on this customer demand, a pilot was rolled out in phases in collaboration with SaySimple, initially with a cluster of branches. Meanwhile, all locations can be reached from one central number and customers stay in touch with their preferred branch via a smart link. In addition, BMN has added web chat as a communication channel so that customers with all kinds of questions can also start a conversation with the company from any page the website within one click.

How is BMN using WhatsApp?

BMN deploys WhatsApp from a service mindset and service perspective. Most builders are looking for a partner to make their construction process simpler. They are usually on a construction site when it is signaled that a certain product is needed. Looking up the right glue or wall paint takes time and hassle. Sending a picture is the clearest form of communication and often leads to better advice. For quantitative readings of customer satisfaction, BMN primarily uses the NPS as a parameter.


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BMN offers a wide range of materials and services for professional builders under one roof; from wood and board, structural work, chemicals & binders, finishing, tiles to hardware and tools.





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