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Dusseldorp BMW
Dusseldorp Automotive has been an active partner of BMW Group for over 60 years. With 14 branches in the Netherlands, the company is the largest dealer group of the BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad brands. In addition, the group has its own brand-independent bodyshop (with 3 branches) and a multi-brand lease label.

WhatsApp will enter the roadmap of Dusseldorp’s customer service strategy in 2018, when customers start actively asking for it. At that time, few Dutch dealers are still engaging in messaging. In the desire to work cloud-based and innovate, Dusseldorp finds a solid partner in Saysimple, resulting in a messaging first in the automotive world.

Excellent accessibility and service are the basis of the philosophy on customer contact. This is noticeable in the very good customer reviews, but also in the concrete targets for service channels. Dusseldorp has set itself the goal of answering the calling customer without waiting time. In practice, that is even within 6 seconds on average, possibly supported by a specialist. On Web chats, they want to provide an immediate response and WhatsApp calls must be taken up within ten minutes. And this bears fruit: in 87% of cases it leads directly to an appropriate answer or solution.

How does Dusseldorp deploy messaging?
Messaging is used to continue to meet customer demand and sharp responsiveness. Telephony still comprises the lion’s share of all conversations, as do Net
Promoter surveys via mail. By linking the messaging platform with WEBSOLVE, employees always have the relevant data that gives context to the conversation. For example, data regarding license plates, workshop location and who created the order.

WhatsApp is applied at all touchpoints in the customer journey: from non-committal interest to start-up and even delivery. Therefore, in each branch there is a QR code on the counter that links to the business WhatsApp account for direct contact.

Currently, 120 active users work with the Saysimple solution, which is expected to increase to 150. To be actively approachable in the evening, Dusseldorp maintains a rotating evening schedule in which employees speak to customers. Regularly our customers experience this as a surprising contact moment.


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About Dusseldorp BMW

In 1959 Dusseldorp BMW started selling BMW in Apeldoorn. We are thus Dusseldorp is the longest active official BMW dealer in the Netherlands.





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