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Achieving goals starts with setting them. That’s why we match you with our Customer Success Manager as soon as you become a Saysimple client. Your Customer Success Manager will help you set goals for your organization and/or Support department, and help you every step of the way to ensure that you reach those goals! Sharing knowledge and experience is central to our approach.

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Het CS team

Your CSM will support you throughout the whole process: onboarding, training, implementation, evaluation, and innovation. They are also available to answer questions and help find solutions to any challenges you might face. Your success is our success.


What our customers say

More than 500 companies use Saysimple to organize their communication flows more efficiently.

Luc Verhagen

Dusseldorp BMW

You distinguish yourself by being available outside office hours. And that's what we stand for. We do not want to deal with customers functionally, but want to surprise them personally. This is possible thanks to Saysimple.

Rienk de Jonge

Vakantiepark Pean

We have a lot of contact with the Saysimple team. Actually much more than you would expect from a software provider. They think along with us from the start, which works very well!

Thomas Reijneveld

Severs Breeman BMW & MINI

Together with Saysimple we have opened a new chapter in customer communication. Every conversation via WhatsApp saves our employees another phone call. That saves time and therefore money.

Trusted by 500+ companies


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