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How to improve customer satisfaction with WhatsApp Business

In this series, we’ve provided you with a number of positive implications of using WhatsApp Business for the first two stages of the customer journey, from Discovery to Purchase.
The Discovery phase showed you how to leverage commercial commerce while the Purchase phase was particularly interesting due to the new ways that businesses are able to leverage communication, such as providing a guided shopping experience.

In today’s final post of the series, we’re going to look at the Post-purchase phase. Rather than a focus on making contact (Discovery) and driving revenue (Purchase), this third phase focuses on customer service.

Customer service with WhatsApp Business: Post-purchase
WhatsApp Business is an incredibly effective tool for customer service and support. We’ve known this since the pioneers of WhatsApp showed us that using WhatsApp for customer service was more efficient than taking calls, faster than email, and able to reduce the appearance of negative (product) reviews on social media. In 2020, Zendesk looked at the state of messaging and found it to be the channel with the highest customer satisfaction at a score of 98%. No doubt the proof is there!

So let’s dive into how you can leverage WhatsApp Business to improve customer satisfaction among your customers!

Relieve negative feelings
Jamie’s new shoes have arrived but the store sent the wrong size. Angry and wanting a refund, Jamie messages the store via WhatsApp. Luckily, Jamie’s phone number is connected to the order so the chat agent can quickly access the order. The agent makes sure a new pair of shoes, in the correct size, is sent to Jamie as soon as possible. The speed and ease of the conversation impresses Jamie, relieving the initial anger about the situation.

Speed up the troubleshooting process
Erin just bought a new WiFi speaker to set up with an existing stereo system. They follow the instructions, but the new speaker won’t connect. With the help of WhatsApp Business, Erin was able to contact a product specialist directly. Thanks to a couple of shared images and videos, the product specialist identified the issue, and helped Erin troubleshoot the issue in minutes!

Provide tracking updates
Jordan needs a textbook for school and found it online for a great price. On the checkout page, Jordan selects the option to receive order updates via WhatsApp. As soon as there is an update, like when the order is being processed or out for delivery, an automated WhatsApp template message is sent so Jordan knows exactly where the textbook is.

These examples have three things in common: convenience, ease of use and speed. These factors drive customer satisfaction to a new level making WhatsApp Business the ultimate messaging channel for customer service.

This series has been all about showing you the concrete ways that WhatsApp Business can present incredible benefits in every phase of the customer journey, from Discovery to Purchase to Post-purchase.

Curious to know how you can leverage WhatsApp Business as a customer service channel and how to use it with multiple agents? Download our free WhatsApp Business guide or request a demo, today!


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