Saysimple’s Social Messaging API now integrates with NEC’s versatile all-in-one Unified Communications & Collaboration suite UNIVERGE® Business ConneCT

About the Social Messaging integration

The integration enables Business ConneCT users to connect with their customers via Social Messaging channels such as WhatsApp Business, Facebook Messenger, Twitter DM and many more.

  • One pane for multiple channels
  • Supports pictures / audio / video / locations etc.
  • All digital conversations, including attachments are stored in the customer history

Our experts are ready to help you succeed in the following results:


Less phone calls


More team efficiency


Higher productivity


More revenue


How to get access the Social Messaging API?

Follow the following steps to request access to the Saysimple Messaging API for NEC.

Step 1

Request commercials via the form above

Step 2

You'll receive a quote and DPA

Step 3

Sign both documents and send them back to

Step 4

Saysimple confirms receipt of the documents

Step 5

Saysimple starts the onboarding process

Step 6

Access the Social Messaging API


What channels does the API include?

By default the Social Messaging API includes the following channels:

  • WhatsApp Business
  • SMS
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Twitter Direct Messages
  • Apple Business Chat
Other channels (e.g. Instagram Direct Messenger, Google's Business Messages, Line, Viber, Telegram & WeChat) are available upon request via NEC sales representative.


Official Meta / Facebook API provider

As an Official WhatsApp Business API Provider, Saysimple is able to deliver the Meta / Facebook API to businesses.


Omni-channel messaging platform

Saysimple is a omni-channel messaging platform built to enable business to connect with their customers over their preferred channels. With Saysimple you can automate your communication processes with automated flows and increase team collaboration through smart-routing queries. Our customers experience more efficiency, a higher customer satisfaction and an increase in revenue. The Saysimple platform can be used together with the Messaging API integration in NEC.