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Smart routing makes it possible to automatically route incoming chat conversations to the correct branch, department or contact person. This involves labeling certain characteristics (keyword recognition) of chat conversations. Smart navigation with the reward of high customer satisfaction and a more efficient working method. An opportunity to seize!

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The benefits of Smart Routing

Process conversations more efficiently

Automatically route conversations to the right department or person, so that unnecessary transfers are a thing of the past.

Achieve higher customer satisfaction.

Smart routing ensures that customers receive information relevant to them more quickly and that non-relevant information is spared.

Build strong customer relationships

Returning customers are navigated directly to their designated agent or department for a personalized support experience.


Smooth handling of conversations

Chat messages come and go every day. To guarantee smooth handling of customer questions, it is essential that they automatically reach the right agent or department via smart routing. Who is the source of information about payment options? And who knows everything about the returns process? Disperse crowds, connect a chat conversation to the right agent and put an end to long wait times and clumsy referrals.


Smart routing for higher customer satisfaction

Smart routing ensures that the customer is always helped by a permanent agent or department. This way, the customer does not have to tell his story again and again or wait in line for a long time, but personal service can be provided immediately. Streamline service and boost customer happiness.


Strong customer relationships with personal chats

Smart routing works based on keyword recognition. Think of keywords such as 'city of residence', 'complaint' or 'return.' Based on this information, the customer is routed to the right agent, department or branch. Has the customer already knocked digitally before? Then the same agent or department comes to the rescue. In this way a loyal bond can be built.


Skill and rule based routing

The navigation principle of smart routing, skill-based routing and rule-based routing is the same for every customer request. Based on Artificial Intelligence, each message is scanned for a keyword (keyword recognition) or phrase. This process can take place via two routes: rule-based routing or skill-based routing.


This is what our customers say

More than 500 companies use Saysimple to organize their communication flows more efficiently.

Luc Verhagen

Dusseldorp BMW

You distinguish yourself by being available outside office hours. And that's what we stand for. We do not want to deal with customers functionally, but want to surprise them personally. This is possible thanks to Saysimple.

Rienk de Jonge

Vakantiepark Pean

We have a lot of contact with the Saysimple team. Actually much more than you would expect from a software provider. They think along with us from the start, which works very well!

Thomas Reijneveld

Severs Breeman BMW & MINI

Together with Saysimple we have opened a new chapter in customer communication. Every conversation via WhatsApp saves our employees another phone call. That saves time and therefore money.

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