The WhatsApp Business Inbox for multiple users

Over 100 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp every day. By adopting WhatsApp as a communication channel for your business, you can interact with your customers through their most preferred channel, provide greater support and collaborate as team.

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Saysimple WhatsApp inbox

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The WhatsApp inbox ensures simplicity

Work with WhatsApp templates, set up effective workflows and track incoming customer inquiries quickly.

WhatsApp Inbox

Conversation management becomes even easier with the WhatsApp Inbox. In the inbox, multiple colleagues manage customer conversations and thus consumers are efficiently served.

Multiple channels

The WhatsApp Business inbox supports other channels besides WhatsApp such as Facebook Messenger, Livechat and email. All messaging channels in one dashboard so you won't miss a message.

For you whole team

Manage the inbox with multiple agents. This ensures efficient workflows, low resolution times and high customer satisfaction.


Manage WhatsApp with multiple users

Fully scalable, it allows multiple agents to operate seamlessly from a central inbox, where they can serve customers quicker and more efficiently, with all messages coming from a single number. In real terms, that means less waiting and better results for everyone.


Notify your customers on WhatsApp

Fully support WhatsApp Business templates. The templates allow businesses to send predefined messages to their customers. They take minutes to set-up, but can save many hours of wait-time. On a basic level, they can be used to effectively manage FAQs and customer notifications, as well as more sophisticated tasks.


Go omni-channel, manage other channels alongside WhatsApp

Manage all your business communication channels in one single inbox. From WhatsApp Business, to Facebook Messenger, to Livechat, and even e-mail.


Link with the software you already use

Link the WhatsApp Inbox with the payment providers, CRM system or other software that your business is already working with.


Get the most out of WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging channel in the world. Consumers and businesses exchange 260 million messages daily. With WhatsApp, you are where the customer is, the link to the WhatsApp Inbox allows for quick work sharing between agents and thus the customer is helped quickly.


You are in good company

+500 brands already use Saysimple to improve omni-channel customer communication at scale.

Luc Verhagen

Dusseldorp BMW

You distinguish yourself by being available outside office hours. And that's what we stand for. We do not want to deal with customers functionally, but want to surprise them personally. This is possible thanks to Saysimple.

Rienk de Jonge

Vakantiepark Pean

We have a lot of contact with the Saysimple team. Actually much more than you would expect from a software provider. They think along with us from the start, which works very well!

Thomas Reijneveld

Severs Breeman BMW & MINI

Together with Saysimple we have opened a new chapter in customer communication. Every conversation via WhatsApp saves our employees another phone call. That saves time and therefore money.

These companies also use Saysimple


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