Create your WhatsApp click-to chat link and QR code

Want customers to start a WhatsApp conversation with you? Generate a WhatsApp link and QR code with Saysimple’s WhatsApp link generator tool!

Get your WhatsApp Link in 3 simple steps:

  • Enter your WhatsApp number
  • Add a pre-filled welcome message (optional)
  • Generate your URL and QR code

    WhatsApp Link Generator

    * Include country code without + symbol. Eg: If your country code is +31 and WhatsApp number is 6501234567, then type 316501234567 above.

    * Automatically add a custom message
    that pre-fills what your contacts will send, making it easier to start a


    Using WhatsApp links

    Using WhatsApp Click to Chat links and QR codes has several benefits for your business.

    Instant Communication

    Let customers immediately enter a WhatsApp chat with you even without your number.

    Effective WhatsApp Marketing

    Make WhatsApp links part of your WhatsApp marketing strategy by sharing them on Facebook, Instagram and more.

    Effortless Lead Collection

    Capture and save customers’ numbers for future use automatically when they message you via a WhatsApp link.

    Manage all of WhatsApp Business with Saysimple

    With Saysimple, your business has a centralized and secure platform to use WhatsApp Business API to engage audiences, boost sales and drive better support outcomes.

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