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Saysimple enables your business with an intuitive tool built for WhatsApp marketing. Use our platform as your solution to generate leads, engage audiences and boost sales.

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  • How to import, manage and segment your WhatsApp contacts
  • How to send personalised bulk messages on WhatsApp with Saysimple Engage
  • How to build automated WhatsApp flow conversations

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Manage all of WhatsApp Business with Saysimple

Build your audience lists, engage customers with personalized offers, timely promotions and special deals across the buyer journey and build rich and interactive self-service experience on your customers most favourite channel.

WhatsApp CRM

Import your contacts in bulk and use contact labels to segment contacts and build your audience list(s).

WhatsApp broadcasting

Create WhatsApp bulk messaging campaigns to engage customers with personalized promotions.

WhatsApp automation

Offer customers a rich experience by building interactive WhatsApp flows that include list messages and reply buttons.


Make it easy for customers to reach out

To create awareness for your (new) WhatsApp channel, we encourage companies to get creative in spreading the news that customers can use WhatsApp to communicate with your business. Here is a quick overview of what to use.

  • WhatsApp QR codes
  • WhatsApp call deflection
  • WhatsApp click-to-chat buttons


Automate conversations on WhatsApp

Offer your customers a rich and interactive way on how they communicate with your business on WhatsApp. Use interactive list messages or reply buttons to orchestrate WhatsApp flows to help customers navigate through a conversation more effectively.


Import, manage and segment your audiences

Use our in-built CRM to manage your customer profiles and seamlessly sync data and actions between Saysimple and the rest of your tech stack.

  • Bulk import customers via CSV file or Zapier
  • Get customer data next to each conversation
  • Add contact labels to segment audiences


Send personalized bulk messages on WhatsApp

Reach out to customers with promotional messages across the buyer journey. Use customizable WhatsApp message templates that can be text-based, media-based or interactive.


Monitor your WhatsApp performance

Generate real-time reports to track and measure the performance of your WhatsApp broadcasting campaigns. Get insights into important metrics such as;

  • Delivery rate
  • Open rate


This is what our customers say

More than 500 companies use Saysimple to organize their communication flows more efficiently.

Luc Verhagen

Dusseldorp BMW

You distinguish yourself by being available outside office hours. And that's what we stand for. We do not want to deal with customers functionally, but want to surprise them personally. This is possible thanks to Saysimple.

Rienk de Jonge

Vakantiepark Pean

We have a lot of contact with the Saysimple team. Actually much more than you would expect from a software provider. They think along with us from the start, which works very well!

Thomas Reijneveld

Severs Breeman BMW & MINI

Together with Saysimple we have opened a new chapter in customer communication. Every conversation via WhatsApp saves our employees another phone call. That saves time and therefore money.

These companies also use Saysimple


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