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Why WhatsApp call deflection is indispensable for customer service

The modern consumer is driving rapid adoption of digital customer service channels. Once digital channels have been added to your mix, it is essential to promote them so that customers know and use them. Call deflection is an efficient way to do that: it ensures that more customers are contacted quickly and personally via WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp call deflection?
Call deflection is a technique used to route an incoming phone call to an alternative service channel, such as WhatsApp.

With call deflection you give callers within the IVR menu the option to ask a question directly via WhatsApp. If the caller chooses this, your company sends an automated WhatsApp Template message to send the customer a proactive notification to start a conversation on WhatsApp.

How does WhatsApp call deflection works?
How does WhatsApp call deflection works?

Routing phone calls to WhatsApp offers your company the following benefits:

  • Less phone calls and a shorter phone queue.
  • Fast response times, people who call, no longer have to wait on the phone to get their question answered.
  • More satisfied customers, customers are helped much faster and don’t waste their time waiting in a queue.
  • More productivity within your customer service team, unlike a phone call, an agent has multiple conversations at the same time via WhatsApp.
  • Lower costs through time savings.

A better customer experience with call deflection
Call deflection is a great way to improve the customer experience. Traditional phone support remains essential in some situations. But one of the biggest drawbacks is the wait time: 73% of customers think this is their biggest frustration when calling customer service.

Thanks to call deflection, companies have a solution against these long waiting times. WhatsApp’s asynchronous nature makes customer contact easier to manage: agents can handle multiple interactions simultaneously, improving productivity and reducing costs by 20-40%

Want to know more?
Do you want to know more about reducing telephone workload with WhatsApp call deflection. At Saysimple we are happy to have a brainstorm on how to reduce pressure on your customer service team and would love to help with solving your challenges in the field of digital customer contact. With our customer contact platform we help businesses provide the customer with an excellent and personal service experience on WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat and Webchat.


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