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Use WhatsApp Call Deflection to easily route phone calls to WhatsApp

Questions from customers reach your company from all directions. At busy times, it is easy to experience a high peak volume of phone calls, which increases your response time, possibly resulting in you having to keep your customers waiting for longer than they would like…

How great would it be if you could help your customers right after picking up the phone? In this blog, you’ll learn how to take the pressure off by cleverly routing incoming calls to WhatsApp, also known as call deflection.

No more phones ringing off the hook
Your customer service team is running at full speed, the phone is ringing off the hook and the waiting time for customers is endless. The pressure can easily be reduced by forwarding calls to WhatsApp. Give your callers the option to continue the call via WhatsApp or SMS. Being accessible via social messaging is experienced as pleasant and at the same time you significantly reduce the pressure on your phone line.

By simply modifying your phone system’s welcome message, your customers will then be able to start a conversation via WhatsApp. In this way, your customers are no longer on hold and are immediately in a conversation with a customer service representative.

But how does it work?
To give you a better idea of how call deflection works, we would like to give you a short example. A customer calls your company and receives a welcome message. In this welcome message you give the caller the option to connect with one of your employees or to start the conversation directly via messaging. If the caller chooses to have a messaging conversation, an automated welcome message (WhatsApp Template Message) will be sent and the conversation can continue through the messaging app. This way you can easily help multiple customers at once, reduce waiting times and collect an active opt-in directly from the customer according to the relaxed rules.

Fast service makes your customers happy
Routing incoming calls to WhatsApp in a smart way not only benefits your business, but also your customer. We’d like to list a number of benefits for you:

  • Decrease in telephone traffic and queues, the queue is automatically shortened when callers choose messaging.
  • Faster service, because existing or potential customers don’t have to wait as long on the phone, you can help them more quickly with their questions or problems.
  • Higher customer satisfaction, because customers are helped more quickly. Nothing is more annoying than being on queue with a simple question for hours.
  • Your productivity increases, one phone call equals ten messaging conversations. This means you spend less time helping a single customer.
  • Answer simple questions directly. Often customers have a short or simple question that they cannot find the answer to on the website at a quick glance. Such questions can be dealt with quickly and directly via a quick chat conversation.

Easy adjustment, instant time gain
After a big event in your company you can expect peak moments. The use of messaging avoids this extreme strain by moving phone calls to WhatsApp. This gives your service staff more peace of mind as they can allocate their time more productively. Switching incoming calls to WhatsApp in a smart way is an easy customization with instant time savings.

Want to know more?
Are you curious about the opportunities regarding messaging for your company? We are happy to brainstorm with you about an efficient design of your digital customer service channels. Within a week we can connect your company to WhatsApp. In addition, we offer guidance on how to achieve your goals, such as how you can work more efficiently or boost your customer satisfaction through messaging.


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